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Just to remind all patient's when attending the Surgery, that there are parking spaces directly outside the building on the High Street. There are also parking spaces available in the car park behind the Chemist. 

Alternatively, if all these spaces are full, then there is a main car park on Aquithie Road, which is adjacent to the fish and chip shop.

Please DO NOT use the parking spaces behind Collies Butcher's (in between the GP Surgery and J G Ross bakery) as these spaces are for their own staff use and lorry deliveries to their shop.

Thank You


The Practice takes it very seriously if a member of staff or one of the doctors or nursing team is treated in an abusive or violent way.

The Practice supports the government's 'Zero Tolerance' campaign for Health Service Staff. This states that GPs and their staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or verbally abused. To successfully provide these services a mutual respect between all the staff and patients has to be in place. All our staff aim to be polite, helpful, and sensitive to all patients’ individual needs and circumstances. They would respectfully remind patients that very often staff could be confronted with a multitude of varying and sometimes difficult tasks and situations, all at the same time.  The staff understand that ill patients do not always act in a reasonable manner and will take this into consideration when trying to deal with a misunderstanding or complaint.

However, aggressive behaviour, be it violent or verbally abusive, will not be tolerated and may result in you being removed from the Practice list and, in extreme cases, the Police being contacted.

In order for the practice to maintain good relations with their patients the practice would like to ask all its patients to read and take note of the occasional types of behaviour that would be found unacceptable:

  • Using bad language or swearing at practice staff
  • Any physical violence towards any member of the Primary Health Care Team or other patients, such as pushing or shoving
  • Verbal abuse towards the staff in any form including verbally insulting the staff
  • Racial abuse and sexual harassment will not be tolerated within this practice
  • Persistent or unrealistic demands that cause stress to staff will not be accepted. Requests will be met wherever possible and explanations given when they cannot
  • Causing damage/stealing from the Practice's premises, staff or patients
  • Obtaining drugs and/or medical services fraudulently
We ask you to treat your GPs and their staff courteously at all times.

Removal from the practice list

A good patient-doctor relationship, based on mutual respect and trust, is the cornerstone of good patient care. The removal of patients from our list is an exceptional and rare event and is a last resort in an impaired patient-practice relationship. When trust has irretrievably broken down, it is in the patient’s interest, just as much as that of the practice, that they should find a new practice. An exception to this is on immediate removal on the grounds of violence e.g. when the Police are involved.

The practice is continually trying to develop ways of delivering better health care for all


If at any time your condition is thought to be life-threatening, you should call 999.

Some examples of emergencies requiring hospital attendance are:

  • accidents involving unconsciousness

  • chest pains

  • choking

  • collapse

  • loss of power in a limb

  • overdose

  • severe breathlessness

  • sudden severe bleeding

Our surgery has a triage telephone system which can be accessed by patients requesting an urgent on the day appointment.


The purpose of triage is to ensure that every patient requesting an urgent on the day appointment is referred to the most appropriate service for their illness. Each patient will have their symptoms discussed with a doctor or practitioner. On conclusion of this telephone call you will be advised of the best course of action for your condition. This may include -

  • Self help
  • Advised to contact your local pharmacy, dentist or optician
  • Suggest a routine appointment with a doctor, practitioner or nurse
  • Or arrange an emergency appointment if the clinician decides that your condition requires to be assessed on that day

If you require an urgent on the day appointment -

The triage system will work as follows:

  • Contact the surgery by telephone on 01467 642289 and press option 2 before 10 am if you have an acute emergency illness or injury.

  • Please provide the receptionist with a brief description of the problem and contact number so that your call can be prioritised.

  • Our administration staff are not prying; they are working under our instructions, and are bound by the same code of confidentiality as the clinical staff.

  • If you have contacted the practice and been advised that an Emergency GP will call you back, two attempts will be made to speak with you.  If after two attempts, we have still been unable to speak with you this call will then be closed.

    If you do still wish to speak to our Emergency GP, you will need to phone the surgery back to start the process again.

    For those whose occupation or responsibilities have an impact upon availability to receive a triage call at certain times of day, please make this known to the receptionist or please ask them to insert a comment specifying this. 

    Whilst we cannot guarantee, we will endeavour to accommodate where possible.

Calls to the triage line will be accepted after 10 am but you may experience a delay in returning your call and our urgent appointments fill very quickly.

A doctor or practitioner will contact you on the number you provided.

  • Please ensure you remain beside your phone or within mobile phone service range.

  • Our telephone number will appear as a withheld number.

  • This service does not replace telephone consultations which can be pre-booked.

  • Our triage telephone system is very busy and we appreciate your assistance in making the process seamless.


Emergencies will be dealt with promptly. Telephone 01467 642289 and give as much information to the receptionist who will relate the details to the duty doctor.

We would wish to re-assure our patients that the Doctors work very closely at all times with all clinical staff and are fully involved in every aspect of your medical care.


The Surgery has started recording the amount of Clinical time that has been lost in a week, due to Patient's not turning up for their appointments.

If you are unable to keep appointments, please let us know as soon as possible so that the appointment can be reallocated. Failing to keep appointments wastes considerable medical and administrative time. Dozens of appointments are “lost” each month because patients simply fail to cancel unwanted appointments.

When patients miss appointments, it can be disruptive for both healthcare providers and other patients in need of care. 

This is a particular concern for GP's, who are responsible for the overall care of patients, but can also be an issue for hospital doctors.

You can cancel your appointment, by either telephoning the surgery, or by completing the form at the bottom of this page with details of the appointment and Clinician you had booked into the Surgery with.

** LATECOMERS - patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will require to re-book another appointment time.  Furthermore, in fairness to patients arriving on time, late-comers will not be guaranteed an appointment. **







When you are ill or injured, know who to turn to....

NHS - Grampian - Know who to turn to:

NHS inform is Scotland's national health information service helping the people in Scotland to make informed decisions about their own health and the health


GP Practice Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 Advise Line telephone number 01224 556527.  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland | NHS inform

NHS Scotland COVID Status | NHS inform (How to get a record of your vaccination)

NHS24 arrangements for Coronavirus

Patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms that worsen or do not improve after seven days are now asked to call the GP Practice Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 

OR dial NHS 24 on 111 out with GP surgery hours

Callers to the 111 helpline, will be assessed and, if necessary, transferred to a local community hub staffed by clinicians from across the healthcare system.

This is to ensure patients get the best possible advice at the right time, depending on their assessment, patients may be given advice to help them continue self-isolating at home or be given an appointment to attend a local assessment centre for further treatment.

High Risk Patients

Any patient identified in a High-Risk Category will be sent a centralised letter from the Scottish Government with advice on how to protect themselves and how to access care and treatment during this time. 

A copy of this letter can be seen below.

High Risk Patient Letter

FIT surgery

When coming into hospital for a surgical procedure, the more informed you and your carers/family members are before admission, the more likely you are to be better prepared. This will also contribute to a better experience; a quicker recovery and a shorter length of hospital stay.

Click on the links below to find out more:

FitSurgery (

Getting FIT for Surgery (

Strategic Context (

Scotland's Service Directory

Find your local health and wellbeing services across Scotland.

Click on the link below to find out more:

Scotland's Service Directory | NHS inform

** For any Patients who are having acute dental problems, and having difficulty registering with an NHS Dentist, can call the NHS Grampian Dental and Information Line (DIAL) on 0345 45 65 990 ** 



Disabled, pushchair and pram access, is available at the rear of the building.

There is also disabled parking spaces outside the Surgery.

We also have a toilet in the Surgery that provides baby changing facilities and access to mobility users.


A loop system for people with a hearing difficulty is fitted in some areas of the building - do let us know if you want to use it.

Hearing loss services


Coronavirus update: Aberdeenshire services | Deaf Action

Deaf Action Services

Hearing loss services - Aberdeenshire Council

The BDA is the UK’s leading membership organisation and registered charity run by Deaf people for Deaf people. The BDA delivers a range of services to achieve its aims of empowering Deaf people to overcome difficulties that they face on a daily basis.

Click on link below to find out more:

As the largest charity for people with hearing loss in the UK, we understand how hearing loss can affect everything in your life from your relationships, to your education and your job prospects. We’re here to support and help you, so you can take back control and live the life you choose

From day-to-day-care, to practical information, to campaigning for a fairer world for people with hearing loss, and funding research to find a cure, we’re taking action on hearing loss.

Click on link below to find out more:


There is a Language Line available, to patients who are not fluent in the English language. 

Interpreting services must be organized in advance and extra appointment time allocated.

Accessing a telephone Interpreter via language line (Clinician Access)

Equality & Diversity/Other languages

Health Passport

Translations | NHS inform

NHS Grampian Interpretation services

Vision Impairment

In the UK, there are almost 2 million people living with sight loss. Of these, around 360,000 are registered as blind or partially sighted.

Being told you have a visual impairment that can’t be treated can be difficult to come to terms with.

Some people go through a process similar to bereavement, where they experience a range of emotions including shock, anger, and denial, before eventually coming to accept their condition.

Click on link below to find out more:


If you have been given an Omron or Nebulizer from the Surgery, it is planned that this loan is for a limited period of time, usually one week.

Please return these items to the Surgery as soon as possible

We have patients waiting to use these items and to keep them for a prolonged length of time means that treatment is being delayed for other patients.

In the event of unreturned items, may cause invoices being sent to the patient.



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