NHS Pharmacy First Scotland is a consultation service as a first port of call for all minor illness and common critical conditions.

Who is Eligible?

· Everyone who is registered with a GP practice in Scotland or the Defence Medical Services on a permanent or temporary basis (including care home residents).

· People who live in Scotland (including Gypsy or travellers /asylum seekers or dependant of an asylum seeker.

Who is excluded?

· Visitors to Scotland

Which conditions are covered by NHS Pharmacy First Scotland?

Click on the link below to find out more about this service:

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland (PFS) | National Services Scotland

The medicines booklets available at Healthcare Improvement Scotland 

This explains how people can work with their doctor (or other healthcare professional) to decide whether a medicine is needed and if so, which to prescribe. They also explain about the likely benefits and possible risks of medicines.

Medicines are usually prescribed by a doctor. However, other healthcare professionals can also prescribe medicines (for example dentists and some nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists). In these booklets, "healthcare professional" is used to describe the person prescribing the medicine

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